Fire Alarms

Radio Fire Alarms

Radio or wireless fire alarm make use of radio waves or wireless to communicate between the peripheral parts such as smoke detectors, break glass call-points etc. and the main fire alarm panel.

This can reduce the cost of installation as there is much reduced wiring and there is also far less disruption to premises during installation and no need for redecoration afterwards.

Radio devices can also be used to communicate between different buildings on a large site again reducing costs.

  • EDA – Radio Fire Alarm Panels.
  • EMS – Radio Fire Alarm Panels.
  • HYFIRE – Radio Alarm Systems.

For more information on the installation of Radio Fire Alarms, or if you are interested in servicing and maintenance of your existing alarms – please contact us.

Addressable Fire Alarms

Addressable fire Alarm panels are an advanced form of alarm that make use of microprocessor technology in both the fire alarm panel and in the modules attached to the panel such as smoke detectors, call points and sirens.

The panel can interrogate the state of the peripherals thousands of times per second and when an activation takes place the panel knows exactly where activated peripheral is located.

Addressable systems are simpler to install as in most cases the wiring required is simplified.

Our team have been installing servicing and maintaining addressable fire alarm systems for over 25 years including:

  • Advanced – Addressable Alarms
  • Kentec – Addressable Systems
  • Morley – Addressable Systems
  • C-tec – AFP Addressable Range
  • Fire point – Addressable Systems

If you need a new alarm installing or you would like to talk to us about servicing and maintaining your existing addressable alarm – please call us.

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